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Switch Model

Let your shoppers see your pieces worn in different sizes by models of different morphologies, ages and skin tones.

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Switch Model

Style Empowerment

Empower your shoppers to style their own look on a model they identify with.

Choose model

Choose your model

Let your shoppers choose a model they identify with among a selection of models made by your brand


360° Style Control

Let them style any outfit from your collection with top, bottom, outerwear, front and back view ... even tuck / untuck!


Seamless Checkout

And add to cart directly from the experience.


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Elevate Customer Confidence

Help your shoppers better project into your garments.

Elevate Customer Confidence

Size Confidence Initiative

Drive confidence into the right size and fit
→ And contribute to reduce returns

Size Confidence Initiative

Inclusive E-commerce

Make your E-commerce
experience more inclusive

Inclusive E-commerce

4 weeks integration for standard features

Combining garment packshots with model pictures results in endless outfits.

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Share your product feed  with garments packshots (no need for 3D models !)



Select models that represent your customers



We integrate our experience to your e-commerce



The Mix & Match Experience is live in your website !


What is Veesual and how does its technology work?

Veesual helps fashion brands and luxury maisons enriched their customer journey with new and engaging Augmented Shopping Experiences powered by dynamic images generated by Veesual’s proprietary AI-based generation technology.

How does Veesual help in boosting online sales?

Veesual has impact on the 3 main eCommerce KPI: conversion x average order value x returns. Offering a easy way of shoppers to navigate through brands’ collection online will contribute to conversion and AOV. Helping shoppers to see one piece of clothing will boost conversion, and also AOV with Look Inspiration. Empowering shoppers to see one piece of clothing worn by different models in different sizes will contribute to increase conversion and reduce returns.

Can we customize the appearance and functionality of Veesual to match our brand?

Each experience is customizable to the look&feel of each brand, and the UX/UI can be adapted to each brand requirement.

Is Veesual compatible with different mobile devices and browsers?

Veesual’s Augmented Shopping Experiences are built mobile-first, responsive and compatible with app navigation (Android and iOS).

How easy is it to integrate Veesual into our existing e-commerce platform?

Veesual’s Augmented Shopping Experience seamlessly integrates with any CMS thanks to a JS integration.