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Look Inspiration Experience

Ensure your Product Page is as engaging as possible by showcasing countless, inspirational outfit recommendations for shoppers.

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Look Inspiration


Turn static product pages into style-driven showcases

Product pages often fail to engage shoppers by offering limited content that doesn't help them visualize the clothing and accessories in real-life scenarios. Look Inspiration changes that by showcasing garments in countless stylish combinations and by suggesting complementary products.


Explore the Power of Look Inspiration

Diverse Outfit Combinations

Look Inspiration offers shoppers a variety of outfit combinations for each garment. This feature helps them see how to style an item in different ways for various occasions, directly on the product page.

Look Inspiration

Inclusive Presentation

Look Inspiration showcases garments in different outfits and on diverse models in terms of body types, ages, and skin tones. This inclusive presentation helps shoppers see how the clothing will look on people like them, boosting their confidence to purchase.


Enhanced 'Complete the Look' Section

By integrating with your brand’s personalized recommendation tools, Look Inspiration suggests complementary products that perfectly match the main item, increasing the relevancy of outfit suggestions.

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Leverage Comprehensive Analytics
& Morphological Data

Our Augmented Shopping Experiences come equipped with a robust analytics tool,
providing actionnable insights to help your brand thrive in the competitive
fashion e-commerce landscape.


Business Performance

Track key metrics like conversion rates and average basket size to help you understand the financial impact of your solution.

Customer Engagement

Analyze user engagement through metrics such as the number of looks created per user and time spent on your site and product pages.

Understand Your Audience

Gain deep insights into your customers with morphological data and usage rates of different models.


4 weeks integration
for essential features

Combining garment packshots with model pictures results in endless outfits.

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Cast your Models

Cast a selection of models that represent your customers and shoot them from the front and back in underwear.


Share your Products

Share your product feed with garments packshots (no need for 3D models !).


Connect your Ecommerce

We integrate our experience to your e-commerce.


Convert your Shoppers

The Shopping Experience is live on your website !


What is Veesual and how does its technology work?

Veesual helps fashion brands and luxury maisons enriched their customer journey with new and engaging Augmented Shopping Experiences powered by dynamic images generated by Veesual’s proprietary AI-based generation technology.

How does Veesual help in boosting online sales?

Veesual has impact on the 3 main eCommerce KPI: conversion x average order value x returns. Offering a easy way of shoppers to navigate through brands’ collection online will contribute to conversion and AOV. Helping shoppers to see one piece of clothing will boost conversion, and also AOV with Look Inspiration. Empowering shoppers to see one piece of clothing worn by different models in different sizes will contribute to increase conversion and reduce returns.

Can we customize the appearance and functionality of Veesual to match our brand?

Each experience is customizable to the look&feel of each brand, and the UX/UI can be adapted to each brand requirement.

Is Veesual compatible with different mobile devices and browsers?

Veesual’s Augmented Shopping Experiences are built mobile-first, responsive and compatible with app navigation (Android and iOS).

How easy is it to integrate Veesual into our existing e-commerce platform?

Veesual’s Augmented Shopping Experience seamlessly integrates with any CMS thanks to a JS integration.