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We're creating a completely new
fashion Ecommerce experience

Our rewards

Republik retail

Gold Medal at La Nuit du
Commerce Connectée

Trophées ecommerce

2 gold medals at the
E-commerce Trophy 2023

Ranked among the fastest-growing startups in 2024


Our story

Veesual was born from the meeting of Maxime and Damien in the beginning of 2020.

Maxime was then entrepreneur-in-residence in a startup studio specialized in data science. Damien was CTO of Cleep, a social shopping network he co-founded in 2017. Convinced by the potential of generative AI for image creation, they decided to apply this disruptive technology to an industry with ever-growing needs in diverse imagery: fashion.

Noticing the limited means of fashion brands to visually engage diverse customers online, they founded Veesual to bring solutions that leverage the power of images to create inclusive experiences that engage everyone.



We want to make fashion Ecommerce more inclusive and engaging


Our core values

At Veesual, our ethos revolves around ambition, empathy, excellence, and integrity, shaping every aspect of our work and interactions.

Ambition & Challenge

Our entire team is fueled by this shared ambition. Since 2020, we've united in our goal to lead innovation in fashion technology and become the go-to partner for global fashion brands.

Empathy & Kindness

We prioritize empathy and kindness in our culture. By listening closely to our clients and creating inclusive digital experiences, we build relationships based on respect and appreciation.

Excellence & Diligence

We always maintain high standards in all aspects of our work. Since our inception, we've focused on diligence, constantly refining our technology to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Integrity & Humility

Guided by humility, we embrace constructive criticism and prioritize collective benefit over personal pride. Rooted in a pursuit of improvement, we value feedback and remain dedicated to serving our clients with integrity.


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Veesual relies on a robust ecosystem to support its development and innovation.

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