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Augmented Clienteling for Luxury Maisons

Build personal relationships with each one of your clients using Veesual's image generation technology.

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Empower your Client Advisors to craft unique & inspiring content

Veesual generates unique, high-quality fashion content, showcasing each piece of clothing in various silhouettes to inspire and engage your most valuable clients. In this way, client advisors instill confidence, delight your clients, and encourage them to explore your collection and make more purchases.


Elevate your Client Experience

Create the most Inspiring Image for each one of your Clients

Client Advisors can create HD images of the perfect silhouette showcased on the most inspiring model for each one of your valuable clients.

High-quality Visual Rendering

Veesual's image generation technology delivers exceptionally faithful renderings of your pieces of clothing. Every detail, from the precise fitting to the textures, cuts, and drapes, is meticulously captured.

Ensure Brand Consistency & Excellence

With Veesual, your brand retains full control over the visual presentation. The generated silhouettes adhere to your artistic direction, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision. You select the models that best represent your brand, maintaining consistency in every image.


Augmented Client Advisors

Store image

In-store client engagement

With only 30% of your collection displayed in-store, Veesual enables client advisors to showcase the full collection, allowing clients to fully explore your offerings. Imagine your client advisors using tablets to present meticulously tailored looks serving as inspiration before they step into the fitting room.

Post-purchase Digital Activation

After a visit to your store, continue to inspire your clients by sending them curated looks featuring items they've tried on or purchased. This personal approch not only keeps them engaged but also gives them compelling reasons to return for more purchases.


8 weeks integration
for essential features

Combining garment packshots with model pictures results in endless silhouetes.


Cast your Models

Cast a selection of models and shoot them from the front and back in underwear.


Share your Products

Share your product feed with garments packshots.


Connect your Clienteling App

We integrate our experience to your Clienteling App.


Delight your Clients

Your Augmented Clienteling Experience is up and running.