Which kind of images will increase conversion on your fashion e-commerce?

Sam L'Honoré
May 16, 2022
3 min read

When shopping online, it's difficult to make a plan with the clothes. Without trying on the products, customers have to form their purchase intention based on the images shown on the brands' websites.

Images are without a doubt the most important element on e-commerce sites, especially for fashion brands.

Here are some tips on how to choose your images well and harness their potential to increase conversion on your fashion e-commerce sites:

Images of clothing worn on a model are crucial for conversion

According to a study conducted by Veesual in 2021, 90% of consumers look at all the carousel images on the product pages of fashion e-commerce sites. But while the images can show the details of the garments, it's the images of the garments worn on mannequins that are looked at first by 90% of customers.

Photos of clothes worn on models are the most viewed images on the product pages of fashion e-commerce sites, because they show the garment in situation. By observing how the garment fits or how to match it in a look, customers can project their purchase intention.

Showing more images with models increases purchase intent

Customers are demanding more images of the garment being worn. More than 70% of them consider that showing more images of the garment worn on a models would be a decisive element to encourage them to buy, ahead of giving more textual information such as the composition of fabrics.

To help customers see themselves, it is important to present the entire collection with images on a mannequin. For each garment, it is useful to show several poses. By increasing the number of images of the garment worn, it is possible to present different characteristics (front, back...) but also to highlight different ways of wearing it.

Purchase intention increases when customers recognize themselves in mannequins

An academic study by Dr. Ben Barry, a specialist in diversity in fashion, showed that purchase intent increases when customers see images with models who look like them:

  • A woman who sees a garment worn by a model who is the same size as her or larger is 3 times more likely to buy than if the model is thinner
  • A woman who sees a garment worn by a model that reflects her age is 2.75 times more likely to buy than if the model is younger
  • A black woman is 1.5 times more likely to buy if the model is black.

Far from the traditional conception of the "inspirational" glamour model, her study showed that to increase conversion, it is useful for fashion brands to show models who look like customers.

Showing clothes on a variety of models helps customers to project themselves

Fashion brand customers are a diverse target: the images you use must speak to each of them. That's why it's interesting to use diverse models to better reflect your entire audience and engage all your customers.

To increase conversion it is important that all your customers can recognize themselves in the images on your e-commerce site. More and more fashion brands are using a variety of models in terms of age, morphology, skin color, hair type, style etc.

To increase your chances of creating purchase intent in a large number of customers, it is useful to show each garment worn by different models. This way, you will help a larger number of customers to project themselves.

Giving the customer the opportunity to choose the mannequin increases conversion

By showing each garment worn by different mannequins, you help more customers to project themselves with the product and therefore increase your chances of converting. But why not go further and let the customer choose the mannequin on which to view the product?

The survey conducted by Veesual showed that more than 70% of consumers find interesting or very interesting a customer experience allowing them to visualize clothes on a mannequin that looks like them.

By giving the customer the ability to choose the mannequin on which to view the outfit, such as with Veesual's Model Try On plugin, you engage customers and push them to actively project themselves with the products.

No need to multiply the shootings to boost the conversion

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies (3D, AR, AI...), it is now possible to multiply the images without having to shoot all the corresponding photos in studio.

At Veesual, we use generative AI, which takes your existing images and automatically multiplies them to create more views of all your clothes worn by models reflecting the diversity of all your customers.

So it's easy to increase the number of images on your sites and set up engaging experiences to increase conversion.

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