Launch your own Virtual Try-On like Walmart

Awa Traoré
September 26, 2022
3 min read

Walmart's ambition is to be the largest fashion retailer in the US. Both by the diversity of its offer (clothing & accessories), and by the shopping experience proposed, especially for its e-commerce customers.

In May 2021, the retail giant acquired Zeekit, a company developing virtual clothing fitting technology.

This purchase was intended to provide a whole new experience for their customers, the first feature of which was "Choose Your Model".

This feature allows users to choose from 50 models, the one that best reflects their image based on body type, size or skin tone. To broaden and cover the diversity of its customer base, Walmart has added nearly 70 additional model options on skin tones, hair color, and sizes.

Another innovative step in the virtual fitting process

Now, Walmart has decided to take its user experience to the next level by offering the "Be Your Own Model."

The goal of this new experience is to virtually reproduce the fitting rooms in stores. Customers take pictures of themselves from the Walmart app, respecting certain criteria (lights, distance, pose...) and view the clothes directly on them.

Be Your Own Model" technology relies on precision. Indeed, there are other virtual fitting experiences that involve superimposing a photo of a garment on another image. But with the technology that Walmart offers, the customer sees in a few seconds an ultra-realistic simulation with shadows, the place where the garment falls on his silhouette...

The experience is available on more than 270,000 items, on the group's own brands such as ELOQUII Elements, Time & Tru or Sofia Jeans.

Bringing this feature to the e-shop is pretty straightforward. Just like the previous "Choose My Model" experience, customers will again see a "Try it On" button on the item page and can directly access the experience.

Virtual try-on to meet customer and brand needs

As a consumer, the biggest challenge while shopping online is imagining how it looks on us.

The proposed models do not generally have the same morphology, the same weight or the same size. Therefore, even with shots from different angles, the models are not very representative of the consumers.

The new virtual fitting technologies respond to this problem by promoting the diversity of their models and by allowing customers to identify with the mannequins.

The other difficulty with online shopping is the lack of personalization and social connection. Today, with Walmart's "Be Your Own Model" experience, the act of shopping is immersive, fun and personalized.

In addition, customers can share their virtual outfits with their friends to get a second opinion, which adds another aspect of physical shopping.

As far as brands are concerned, it is a question of following trends (online fitting, mix&matching, metavers, hyper personalization...), and adapting their offers according to consumers.

Nowadays, everything goes through the internet and almost everyone makes purchases online : 527 million transactions were recorded in France in the 1st quarter of 2022 according to Fevad.

Improving and dynamizing the user experience will not only allow to stand out from competitors, but will also increase customer loyalty.

We can also mention the economic aspect for the brands, in terms of the numerous shootings to present their articles. Today, thanks to artificial intelligence, we can present all the variations on the e-shop without necessarily having to photograph them one by one.

Try it for you own brand

It's critical for brands to deliver engaging, personalized experiences that best replicate in-store shopping.

To take the immersive experience a step further, they can give shoppers the ability to try on multiple garments at the same time and view a complete outfit, using a Mix&Match system.

Veesual has developed this experience with La Redoute:

In this experience, shoppers are invited to choose the model that best suits their body type, size and skin tone. They can then compose complete looks with any piece from the collection, but also modify these looks at any time to see other pieces together.

This kind of experience will allow the customer to feel taken into account, he will project himself more easily and his purchase intention will increase.

The Mix&Match will also increase the average basket, especially through cross-selling.

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