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Sam L'Honoré
August 18, 2022
3 min read

In 2022, fashion e-commerce experiences are not customer-centric enough.

It is high time that the websites of fashion houses offer original experiences where customers are in control of their shopping, as if they were in a store.

The e-commerce experience is boring

Since fashion brands have realized the importance of having an online presence, e-commerce sites have multiplied, yet these sites are all built on a similar foundation:

  • A home page with the latest collection in the headline
  • A drop-down menu with different product categories
  • Static product pages where products appear on a mannequin or hanger

However, browsing a fashion website should be as much fun as trying on products in stores, if not more! In store it is possible to compose outfits, grab a hat, try on crazy combinations...

Yet, on the Internet, designers impose their vision of the collection on customers, without giving users the choice to compose their own outfits.

With often only one look, a static image of the garment and a single model wearing the outfit, the consumer has a hard time imagining the piece worn with other clothes.

It is high time that fashion on the Internet frees itself from the diktats imposed by the various institutions. It is the fashion that should be established by the consumers and not the opposite.

Some "Mix&Match" experiments exist and allow users to create complete outfits.

But what is a Mix&Match experience?

A Mix&Match experience is a feature of a fashion e-commerce site where consumers can select the clothes of their choice to compose their own outfits.

In the form of a virtual fitting room 2.0, they can match and mismatch looks by selecting clothes from each category, compose their outfits by selecting clothes from different categories and visualize the outfit of their dreams!

The benefits of a Mix&Match experience

A Mix&Match experience brings many new possibilities for e-tailers.

In addition to allowing users to fully express their styles on e-commerce, this experience brings several other benefits:

  • By choosing combinations of clothes that suit them, users can project themselves more, which improves the conversion of the website
  • By selecting different outfits made up of different pieces, users view more pieces, which increases the average shopping cart
  • By viewing complete outfits on mannequins, users have a better idea of how the garment will look and feel, which decreases feedback

It is also a powerful communication lever, consumers will enjoy spending time on your website and talk about it around them, new consumers will in turn try the experience and perhaps make a purchase.

Which sectors for Mix&Match?

This type of Mix&Match experience is particularly suitable for several fashion categories, but overall all ready-to-wear can use this feature as long as it is possible to match clothes.

  • Swimwear is a category of clothing where the use of Mix&Match reveals its full potential, consumers can compose bikinis by matching unique tops and bottoms.
  • Consumers can also take advantage of this feature with suits, where it is possible to match different original jackets with shirts, pants, ties and vests.
  • Sportswear/activewear is a category where consumers are very attentive to the pieces they choose, performance is a priority but they pay particular attention to the details and colors of the looks.
  • The lingerie category, like swimwear, also allows consumers to mix and match different tops and bottoms.
  • Finally the streetwear category, offering colorful outfits.

It is possible to imagine the experience on only a part of the collection, in order to highlight a capsule collection, the latest collection or even sales.

Pour aller plus loin : le Mix&Match sur mannequin

At Veesual we develop experiences to accompany consumers in creating their look:

It is possible to visualize assortments of different categories of clothing, but also to choose the mannequin in which the user identifies himself, and to visualize the looks of their choice on it.

It's the closest online fitting experience to the in-store fitting, the consumer is in control of their experience and composes their looks and outfit themselves.

An experience of this type developed by Veesual exists at the brand La Redoute :

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