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Our Story

Veesual was born from the meeting of Maxime and Damien in the beginning of 2020.
Maxime was then entrepreneur-in-residence in a startup studio specialized in data science. Damien was CTO of Cleep, a social shopping network he co-founded in 2017. Convinced by the potential of generative AI for image creation, they decided to apply this disruptive technology to an industry with ever-growing needs in diverse imagery: fashion.
Noticing the limited means of fashion brands to visually engage diverse customers online, they founded Veesual to bring solutions that leverage the power of images to create inclusive experiences that engage everyone.


Garment packshots + Model pictures
= Endless outfits

We create digital experiences that allow real people, online shoppers, to navigate fashion collections online through outfits that will truly inspire them.
Our custom technology uses advanced deep learning methods (generative AI) to combine images of clothing and people with photorealistic, high definition results.

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