Image personalization
at scale 

Our technology allows brands to display personalized looks on their e-commerce websites. Without the pain and cost of additional shooting or editing.

  • Depending on the style of your clients

  • Depending of your stock

  • At the best moment of the funnel






Display dynamic and multi products looks with flat visuals..

Model Look




Look personalization on models. Without additional shootings or photoshops.


Personalized customer experience

Personalize the user experience of your e-commerce site:

- presentation at the top of the page to prevent the no scroll effect

- better projection for the clients

Increase in


Increase conversion on your product pages by adding looks to all items of your collection.


Cross-sell & boost the cart

Give your customers ideas for putting together a product:

He will be more inclined to buy this product ...

… As well as the products that go with it!

Immediate ROI


Leverage the full depth of your catalog

The "Iceberg" effect

Thanks to Veesual:

  • 75% of your products are never seen by your customer

  • Only the first pages of your site are visited

% of products


% of products


  • Veesual selects in all your catalog the product mix which matches best to your customers

  • The articles of each look are visible instantly

% of products


% of products




Fashion brands

Boost the experience of your customer journey with personalized looks.

Multi-brand platforms

Facilitate the cross sell of your products with multi-brand looks.


Boost your income by offering a look personalization solution to your customers.

Veesual for

Generate pour

Use cases




Social media




Dynamic and personalized looks displayed at the top of product pages and in recommendation's section.

Targeted newsletters based on the purchase history of each of your customers.

Facilitate the creation of your visuals for advertisements with varied and impactful looks.



Offer a new customer experience in your stores by displaying personalized looks.


Easily create new visuals without the pain and costs of shootings and photoshop.

Sales Applications

Empower your store salespeople by allowing them to create looks for VIP customers.

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Veesual AI is an artificial intelligence company that allows fashion brands to display personalized looks to their customers.

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