Why does Walmart count on the virtual fitting room to improve the e-commerce experience?

Sam L'Honoré
May 16, 2022
4 min read

In May 2021, U.S. retail giant Walmart acquired startup Zeekit, the company that develops virtual clothing fitting technology.

Thanks to this technology, the start-up was working with retail giants such as Macy's, Asos, Tommy Hilfiger or Adidas.

About 1 year after the acquisition, consumers can enjoy the live virtual fitting experience on the Walmart e-commerce site and app :


Consumers can use a "Choose my model" call to action to choose between different proposed mannequins.

Users must first select between XS and XXXL, then a size between 157 and 187 cm.

Choose my model is available for a selection of brands like ELOQUII Elements, The Pioneer Woman or Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara

Consumers need to project themselves in what they buy

The biggest problem with e-commerce for consumers is the difficulty for them to know how the garment will look on them once received.

It is nowadays very difficult for a fashion client to know in detail the cut of a garment. It is possible to see the model from different angles and via different shootings, but none of them will really compare to the rendering of the garment on her body.

Moreover, each human being is different and has different characteristics, whether it be height, weight, measurements or even skin color.

However, on e-commerce fashion sites, only one model is proposed as a model.

There is a need for the fashion industry to make the online experience more inclusive and bring more diversity.

These new virtual fitting technologies respond to these issues: consumers can identify themselves in the mannequins that represent them and enjoy seeing mannequins that look like them.

Virtual fitting room will help fashion e-commerce to increase their sales

Virtual fitting improves the user experience on e-commerce. With this technology, consumers can now identify and project themselves in the mannequins they see.

This new way of browsing will increase sales in several ways for e-tailers:

  • A study conducted by Ben Barry at the University of Cambridge reveals that purchase intention increases by 200% when the model is the same size or one size larger. On the contrary, the intention to buy decreases by 60% when a woman looks at an advertisement where the model does not reflect her size.
  • Furthermore, purchase intention increases by 175% when a user watches an ad where the model is the same age.This figure is increased to 200% if it is a person of 35 years and older.On the other hand, purchase intention also decreases by 64% if the model does not reflect the age of the consumer.
  • Black consumers are 1.5 times more likely to buy if the model is also black.
  • A Facebook Research study also found that 59% of consumers preferred to buy from brands that champion diversity and inclusiveness in their online communications.

The virtual fitting room: a new e-commerce experience

The virtual fitting room: a new e-commerce experience

We can take the immersive experience a step further by recreating all the options of a virtual fitting room. For example, we can give shoppers the opportunity to try on several garments at the same time to visualize a complete outfit, thanks to a mix&match system.

Veesual has developed a virtual fitting room for a young French designer, Marine Henrion:


In this e-commerce experience, shoppers are invited to choose the model that best suits their body type. They can then compose complete looks with any piece from the collection, but also modify these looks at any time to see other pieces together with mix&match.

In terms of advantages, a virtual fitting room brings :

  • From the projection, users identify with the mannequins and better project themselves in the proposed clothes.
  • From conversion, when consumers project themselves, they hesitate less.
  • An increase in the average basket, by previewing complete outfits, shoppers are more likely to purchase other pieces, increasing cross-sell and up-sell.
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