Convert your customers with dynamic, multi-product looks


  • Flat looks that adapt to each of your customers and your stocks in real time


  • The answer to no-scroll on desktop and mobile

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At the top of the product pages

  • Better conversion

  • Immediate projection of the client in a look

  • No scroll -> drastically improve product discovery on mobile

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To boost your recommendations

  • Insert into existing banners

  • Proposal of several looks

  • Redirect to product pages



Personalize your UX


Increase conversion

Boost cross sell



Access to your existing visual database

Easy implementation


Integration of our technology on your site (via Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop ...)


Display on your e-commerce site


How we reach the best look

Inventory management

-> real-time allocation

Color combinations
-> color analysis and matching
of the best combinations

Categories Matching

-> taking into account business rules to meet the expectations of the DA

©Louis Vuitton

CRM data

-> to adapt to customer segmentation


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Veesual AI is an artificial intelligence company that allows fashion brands to display personalized looks to their customers.

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