Our story

Veesual was born after the meeting between Damien, Eric and Maxime in early 2020.


Maxime came out of a 9-month experience as an entrepreneur in residence at in a startup studio specialized in data science in Paris.


Damien was CTO of Cleep, the social shopping network he had co-founded 3 years earlier.

Eric left Zenly (acq. by Snapchat) after 3 1/2 years as lead data scientist.


They were thrilled by the potential of this disruptive technology that allows you to modify and personalize an image in real time.


They decided to apply it to the world of fashion retail which is on the one hand keen on personalization and on the other hand heavy consumer of visuals to each collection.


Our ambition ?

Make Veesual the world reference in personalizing content.


Our technology

Our technology is based on Generative models and Creative AI.

When applied to images, these revolutionary new types of deep learning algorithms allow us to modify and personalize any images in real time. We are among the first team in Europe to apply this technology to look personalization.


Our team on a mission to build the future of marketing for you

Damien Meurisse


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Scale Guru

7y experience  in Ad and Fashion Tech

Maxime Patte


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Game Changer

Multi entrepreneur and vision holder 

Eric Guillaume

Head of Science

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GAN Lover

Ex-Lead Data Scientist

@ Zenly (acquired by Snapchat)


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Veesual AI is an artificial intelligence company that allows fashion brands to display personalized looks to their customers.

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